Wedding photos

Wedding is one of the most important days in our lives, and it is very important to record the emotions and atmoshpere on wedding day. Wedding photos will remind those moments in life.


I offer professional photographing your wedding day. I prefer photographing the all wedding day. Among the biggest advantage when shooting the all day include especially flexible to respond to the unpredictable vagaries of weather and plenty of time to shoot originally arranged portraits. If you want to shoot only after all just part of the wedding package, together with the prices will be glad to send you on request.


How much does photographing weddings and what you offer packages? 

Information of prices and individual packages I'll send on request. First of all, please contact me via contact form. Plase fill out the basic information about your wedding (where, when and for how much ...) and I answer you all questions. With the approaching deadline of the day I suggest to arrange a personal meeting to agree on all the details. You can also sign an agreement on photographing your wedding day.

With such advance is required to reserve the term for the wedding photo shoot?

The earlier you book your photo shoot better. I have reservations a year in advance, however some weddings are arranging a couple weeks before the wedding.

Where can you shoot?

I shoot mostly around Manchester area, but i have no problem to reach elsewhere.

Does not satisfy me or one of the packages that you sent me an email. What should I do?

I always try to be adapted indvidually to customers. Write to me from what (eg. The preparation, ceremony ...) after the  (cutting the cake, first dance), wants to take pictures and I will send you a price for your modified package.